40% to 47%  lower insurance rates on your classic car insurance

Protecting your classic car investment is very important and attaching a comprehensive appraisal report with your insurance policy will be very beneficial to you, and less costly.

Todays’ modern cars are much more difficult to steal with all of the modern anti-theft systems that are installed on them, and are also easily traced once stolen.

Thieves are now targeting classic vehicles at an alarming rate due to the high resale value obtained in other countries and the ease of stealing them. Media does not report these thefts due to the fact that it is just another car theft.

These stolen classic vehicles are quickly loaded in to a container usually the same day, and headed to overseas markets. Serial numbers can be easily removed and given another serial number from a scrap car and can be resold in another country, or alternatively made into a parts car.

Classic car insurance will protect your investment and classic car. However there are some insurance companies that indicate that they do not need an appraisal for your vehicle. They ask you to send in photos of your vehicle only, and then will establish the value that you both agree on, or their own declared value.

We have been in the appraisal business for over 25 years and have done appraisals on hundreds of vehicles that have been stolen and not recovered including classic vehicles. It is very difficult to prove the condition of your vehicle if the vehicle is not available to view, or if it is damaged beyond recognition, or destroyed due to fire.

Some insurance companies tend to minimize the amounts that are paid out should your car be written off or stolen if you do not have an appraisal that will verify and prove beyond a doubt of its condition and value. It is then very difficult to argue or establish the condition of your vehicle thereafter.

I have to stress that it is of utmost importance to get a proper appraisal for your classic vehicle, prior to anything happing to it. It is to your benefit to have this appraisal on hand, and renewed every five years to establish and protect your hard work and classic car investment.

Some suggested comparable rates for insurance with and without an appraisal are outlined here, and are average based from insurance companies. You will see that over the five year period that the total amounts that you pay for insurance premiums are much cheaper, and you will also have the security of an appraisal that is registered with the insurance company.

Vehicle Value $10,000
TimelineWith AppraisalWithout Appraisal
Year (1)$95.00$240.00
Year (2)$95.00$240.00
Year (3)$95.00$240.00
Year (4)$95.00$240.00
Year (5)$95.00$240.00
Appraisal Cost$160.00Not Required
Vehicle Value $20,000
TimelineWith AppraisalWithout Appraisal
Year (1)$145.00$295.00
Year (2)$145.00$295.00
Year (3)$145.00$295.00
Year (4)$145.00$295.00
Year (5)$145.00$295.00
Appraisal Cost$160.00Not Required
Vehicle Value $40,000
TimelineWith AppraisalWithout Appraisal
Year (1)$250.00$475.00
Year (2)$250.00$475.00
Year (3)$250.00$475.00
Year (4)$250.00$475.00
Year (5)$250.00$475.00
Appraisal Cost$160.00Not Required

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