For those who are not happy with the amount that your insurance company is paying you for your damaged vehicle, you have a second option.

You are allowed to hire an independent appraiser, such as us to do an appraisal on your vehicle, and determine a value of it prior to the damage, and then that report is available for you to submit to the insurance company.

The insurance companies’ policy would be to minimize the payout and not maximize the monetary payout, should your vehicle be written off due to an accident. The condition, model, mileage and options of your vehicle are important factors when evaluating your vehicle.

The process includes for us to look at the vehicle and determine its condition, and do a report based on what we have found about the vehicle. If your vehicle is not available for viewing, we may still be able to do a report based on information supplied by you.

The value of your vehicle is determined by replacement value from similar vehicles currently on the market with similar mileage, condition and options.

If you have done some upgrades on the body, engine or interior, or have added additional aftermarket accessories, or have done recent major repairs, then those additions are also taken into consideration for an increased vehicle value. We have a 98 % success rate for individuals seeking more money from the insurance company for their damaged vehicle. We have obtained increased monetary payout amounts of 20, 30 or 40 % for our customers.

Many factors come into play when evaluating your vehicle, and in order to do a proper evaluation we would have to personally look at the vehicle. In order to determine if you do qualify for additional money from the insurance company, we ask that you fill out this quick form to have a preliminary evaluation done. Try to be as accurate as possible.

We may decide not to go ahead with a report on your vehicles’ value should our preliminary evaluation of your vehicle determine that you may not receive any additional money from the insurance company. Cost of the appraisal is based on the location of the vehicle, and any particular circumstances involved.

We will evaluate the particulars of your situation and contact you via e-mail, text or phone call to gather additional information if needed. Or you may call us directly to get the preliminary evaluation on the phone.

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