Establish the true value of your damaged vehicle.

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These reports are generated for individuals who have had their vehicle written off in an accident and are not happy with the amount of monetary payout that the insurance company is offering. This report can be for any type or year or model of car, truck, transport, boat, airplane or equipment. You may not be happy with the monetary payout from the insurance company, so you then have the option of hiring your own appraiser to evaluate your vehicle, and have them submit an appraisal to the insurance company. Your vehicle may have low kilometers or be a rare model, or have some modifications, and the insurance company has not taken these factors into consideration when they evaluated your vehicle for the payout. A report can be prepared even if the vehicle is not available for inspection, or may be stolen and not recovered or burnt beyond recognition. Some insurance companies will bully you or pressure you into accepting their offer. Some insurance companies will intentionally err on the lower side for payouts for written off vehicles, and capitalize on your lack of knowledge as to the value of your vehicle.

Do not, under any circumstance accept the offer from the insurance company without first contacting us to do a quick evaluation to see that you are getting the maximum payout for the value of your vehicle. You can make a quick phone call to us and in a couple of minutes we will determine if the payout for your vehicle is a fair amount offered. We will not do an appraisal on your vehicle if it is determined during the phone call, that the insurance company is paying out a fair value. We will not take your money if we do not think that we can get you more money from the insurance company


We will need all the information that the insurance company has sent you including the report that establishes your vehicles value. Some insurance companies will include some comparable vehicles that they have used to establish the value of your vehicle. Keep in mind that your vehicles’ value is replacement market value. This means that they have to replace your vehicle with a vehicle that is currently on the market that is the same year, make and model with the same options, mileage and condition. The insurance company may not take into consideration some of the modifications or options that you have on your vehicle or they may submit comparable vehicles that are on the market and sold at a low price. There are different factors that come into play when evaluating the value of your vehicle. Since all the comparable vehicles are not the same, they use a formula for factoring in mileage discrepancy, condition differences, rust, previous damage, modifications, year differences and any other factors that would come into play to establish your vehicles value.

We establish the value of your vehicle by using similar formulas and submit the report to the insurance company for review. The insurance company will possibly use their own appraiser or hire another independent appraiser, and they will also establish a value for your vehicle for submission to the insurance company. This process usually takes a couple of weeks to complete. We will then negotiate with the insurance companies’ appraiser and attempt to find where we can make a settlement that will be suitable for both parties. Keeping in mind that we will try to get you the maximum amount of payout for you from the insurance company.

We have over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry and the insurance industry and have credentials with negotiation skills. We have done hundreds of reports such as these over the years and have a 100 percent success rate with getting more money for our customers for insurance vehicle payouts. We have been successful in some cases of getting double or even tripe the amount of money that the insurance company has originally offered our customers.

For more detailed information and pricing please contact by, text or phone at 519 732 7257 / 289 556 7323 or e-mail qualitymarketing@rogers.com or by filling out the request form.

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Terms and Conditions

- Through the video, the description that you send us through the form and the amount that you pay for the vehicle we will make the valuation of the vehicle. The information that you enter in the form must be accurate, detailed and authentic since part of the evaluation is based on this information, by sending the form you accept and certify that the information is true.

- If required, we may request additional photographs and / or receipts to supplement the information. The falsity of the information is a crimethat can be punished with a fine, imprisonment or both according to the law.

- At no time are we responsible for false information entered into our application.

- Your information is protected and the only use that will be given is to make the assessment of the vehicle once it is made will be discarded any information that has been sent to us.

- The signed and certified appraisal will only be sent under previous payment of the service.