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Purchasing a classic vehicle can be rewarding and profitable or it can be a nightmare or worse a financial disaster. Whether you are planning a major restoration, rebuild or purchasing a pristine vehicle requiring little or no work, it is important to do your research first, before you purchase a classic vehicle.

If you plan to do the work yourself on the vehicle, here are some important guidelines to follow.

Many people claim to know a lot about the extent of repairs that need to be done or the value of a classic vehicle. First and most important if you have little or no knowledge as to the condition of the vehicle or repairs that need to be performed on the classic vehicle, get some professional advise, or better yet get professional experienced advise from us. Our experience spans over 40 years in the auto parts sales, automotive mechanical repair, automotive body repair and automotive sales. We have rebuilt and have done repairs on vehicles and sold over 2000 vehicles over this period which includes, modern vehicles, classic vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats and equipment.

Many individuals that have done repairs on their classic vehicle and have purchased numerous parts and invested huge amounts of money and time into their vehicle will find out later that the appraised value does not even come close to what they have invested into their vehicle. Online sales of classic vehicles and Barret Auction sales vehicles usually sell for an inflated value and they may think that their vehicle is valued at the same price. There are overseas buyers that have disposable funds and will pay most anything for a pristine vehicle. Or there are individuals that just have to have that particular car, or color of car because they had the same vehicle as a teenager, and just want to relive their childhood to some degree and will pay any price to get it. Sentimental reasons.

These vehicle sales are not realistic, and most vehicles are of average condition, and the value of your vehicle is compared to what a normal average vehicle would be priced at and compared to. If you have done extensive body repairs to your vehicle and have welded in floor pans and half quarter panels and have replaced panels with aftermarket panels and aftermarket interior, and the engine is not original, then, your vehicle is not worth the same as a vehicle that is completely original and of the same condition.

We will compare your vehicle with a vehicle that is, say from the south and is of the same condition and age and model. Therefore after importation fees and money exchange and if you were to import that same vehicle with no repairs done to it and the same condition, you cannot value your repaired vehicle that has previous rust repair on it to be the same value as the imported virgin vehicle.

Many individuals just cannot afford to pay the full price for a complete clean classic vehicle and will put money into a fixer upper only to find out later that they have invested too much money into it. The value of your vehicle is not based on what money and parts that you have put into it but insurance replacement value. Which means that the insurance company has to replace your vehicle with the same model and condition of vehicle that you currently have. The way that they do this, is to find other vehicles of similar mileage and condition as your vehicle that are currently for sale, and that is also how your vehicle is valued by an appraisal company.

For more detailed information and pricing please contact by, text or phone at 519 732 7257 / 289 556 7323 or e-mail or by filling out the request form.

Please fill out this short form with the information about your vehicle You can send it via e-mail on here or take a picture of it with your phone and text it to us (519 732 7257) / 289 556 7323) or call us immediately as we monitor our phone on a constant basis 7 days a week.

We will respond quickly by e-mail or phone with a price for the appraisal, and additional information to have your vehicle evaluated for the insurance company.
Please include your cell number or home phone so that we can call you and gather additional information if needed and set up an appointment to do the appraisal.
If you are looking for Classic Vehicle Appraisal please be reminded that there is competition for obtaining classic car insurance which are:

You may will find these companies rates for classic insurance as being a lot cheaper than your regular insurance company or the main classic car insurance company, and you can go to them directly.

Terms and Conditions

- Through the video, the description that you send us through the form and the amount that you pay for the vehicle we will make the valuation of the vehicle. The information that you enter in the form must be accurate, detailed and authentic since part of the evaluation is based on this information, by sending the form you accept and certify that the information is true.

- If required, we may request additional photographs and / or receipts to supplement the information. The falsity of the information is a crimethat can be punished with a fine, imprisonment or both according to the law.

- At no time are we responsible for false information entered into our application.

- Your information is protected and the only use that will be given is to make the assessment of the vehicle once it is made will be discarded any information that has been sent to us.

- The signed and certified appraisal will only be sent under previous payment of the service.