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An appraisal can be used for many purposes but mainly to determine the value of your property if it should get stolen or destroyed.

The appraisal is used to submit to the insurance to prove the value of your property prior to loss or damage.

The written reports are tailored for any purpose and are sent directly to the insurance company for their records.

Appraisals are done on classic motorcycles as well as custom or modified motorcycles.

Appraisals can be done on anything including farm equipment, shop equipment, construction equipment, hobby equipment, manufacturing equipment, personal property, and household furnishings.

We have been in the appraisal business for over 25 years and are fully qualified and have experience for doing any type of appraisal to suit your particular needs or circumstance.

Payment is usually done by e-transfer, cash and visa.

The automotive MTO appraisals take only a few minutes and are either done by personally viewing the vehicle or by video submission. Classic car appraisals are done in person with photos and description of the vehicle and take about 20 minutes.

Yes we can provide you with a copy of the appraisal and also send the appraisal report to the insurance company.

The value of the vehicle and what we submit on the report is done according to what the condition of the vehicle is and what the replacement value of the vehicle is.

Yes we can do a report based on what the vehicle looked like prior to the theft and submit the report to the insurance company and it is based on information proved by you.

We are experts when it comes to assessing vehicles that are a total loss with the insurance company and we will always get you a lot more money than what the insurance company is willing to pay you.

An MTO appraisal can be provided online with a video and the original signed report can be put in overnight mail.

The process will take some research into your vehicle and we will assess the value based on the current market for replacement of your vehicles value.

We will come to you to do the appraisal no matter where you are.

You can either bring the vehicle to us to do the appraisal or we can come out to you to do it.

This appraisal is only a formality and it is to assess the value of your vehicle for sales tax purposes only.

It is imperative to get an appraisal for your vehicle to establish a true value and the insurance company has a record of it, and then there is never any dispute regarding its condition.

Appraisals, surveys or evaluations are done on any type and length of boat for insurance purposes or for pre-purchase requirement.