Appraisal for modified and classic bikes.

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Many motorcycle owners have increased the value of their motorcycle by adding additional chrome or accessories to their Motorcycle. Some bike owners have a classic motorcycle that needs to have an appraisal for the insurance company to give them insurance. There are also custom designed motorcycles that individuals have created and built that are then modified with Harley Davidson parts or aftermarket parts.

It is important to protect your property and very important to insure your investment with the proper insurance. We will do an inspection on these unique and classic motorcycles and provide a report for submission to the insurance company.

For more detailed information and pricing please contact by, text or phone at 519 732 7257 / 289 556 7323 or e-mail or by filling out the request form.

We will respond quickly by e-mail or phone with a price for the appraisal, and additional information to have your vehicle evaluated for the insurance company.
Please include your cell number or home phone so that we can call you and gather additional information if needed and set up an appointment to do the appraisal.
If you are looking for Motorcycle Appraisal please be reminded that there is competition for obtaining Motorcycle insurance which are:

Dalton Timmis

Mitchell and Whale Insurance

Riders Plus

You may will find these companies rates for motorcycle insurance as being a lot cheaper than your regular insurance company or the main motocycle insurance company, and you can go to them directly.

Terms and Conditions

- Through the video, the description that you send us through the form and the amount that you pay for the vehicle we will make the valuation of the vehicle. The information that you enter in the form must be accurate, detailed and authentic since part of the evaluation is based on this information, by sending the form you accept and certify that the information is true.

- If required, we may request additional photographs and / or receipts to supplement the information. The falsity of the information is a crimethat can be punished with a fine, imprisonment or both according to the law.

- At no time are we responsible for false information entered into our application.

- Your information is protected and the only use that will be given is to make the assessment of the vehicle once it is made will be discarded any information that has been sent to us.

- The signed and certified appraisal will only be sent under previous payment of the service.